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Sensei Vladimir Jorga, 10 Dan (left) and Soke Ilija Jorga, 10 Dan (right)

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Welcome to Fudokan USA!

Shotokan Fudokan Karate-do of Northern Virginia is pleased to announce our role in hosting the Fudokan USA organization in
North America as an associate of the World Fudokan Federation
led by Dr. Professor Ilija Jorga.  Our role is still a work in progress, Stay tuned as we work it out! 

Our goal is to share the science and technology of this martial art style by providing opportunities to train, compete and learn.

You may reach out to us at this email address:

With regards,

Sterian & Marian Tuluceanu

Mary Lou Romano

Diane Tuluceanu

Joseph Schumer

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