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Marian Tuluceanu, 6 Dan
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          Marian Tuluceanu, 7 Dan                                                                                                      Sterian Tuluceanu, 7 Dan
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Natives of Romania, Sterian and his brother Marian, each have more than 36 years of experience in the martial arts.  Both are recognized as advanced black belts by the the World Fudokan Federation Traditional Karate-do (WFF). and the International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF).  Our dojo follows the guidance of Sensei Dr. Ilija Jorga, founder of World Fudokan Federation (WFF), and Sensei Dr. Vladimir Jorga, chief judge of WFF.

Sterian Tuluceanu is a 2017 Gold Medal champion for Veterans Kata gained at the  7th Annual World Championship Fudokan Karate-do held in Romania.  He  started his martial arts career while attending university in Romania with Sensei Serban Valeca.   In 1983, he moved back to his hometown and opened his first dojo under the guidance of Sensei Dan Stuparu,  student of the Senseis Ilija and Vladimir Jorga, and founder of the Romanian Traditional Karate Federation.  Marian joined his brother in Galati.  In a short time, attendance peaked at over 160 students.  During this time, the country suffered under a communist regime.  Karate was "strongly discouraged" by the government.


In January 1990, the new Romanian government recognized the Federation of Martial Arts, the first legal organization including all existing styles of martial arts.  Sterian was one of the vice presidents representing Sensei Dan Stuparu's new Romanian Traditional Shotokan Karate Association.  Sterian and Marian participated in international competitions as members of the Romanian National Karate Team.  Sterian traveled and trained with top professionals in Romania, Switzerland, Canada, and Japan,  In 1993, the brothers lived in Canada where they trained at the Club d'elite de Karate Montreal-Concordia with Sensei Chan Chau-Tran and Sensei Yutaka Katsumata.  Marian returned to Romania, and in 1996, Sterian moved to the United States. 

Marian Tuluceanu founded the "Meikyo Club" in his hometown, Galati, Romania in 1990.  Marian's students continued the tradition in the Romanian National Karate team winning many medals at European and World championships.  Marian has trained with top professionals in Romania, Canada and the USA. After he joined Sterian in the United States in 1999, they opened the first Fudokan dojo in Virginia. In 2002, Marian and his team won first place in men's team kumite at the AAKF Traditional Karate National Championship. He also is a black belt in Aikido and actively practices.

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